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Our Story

Phil’s first ‘Electric Ave’ was created in Rozelle around 1983 at 174 Mullens Street where some great recordings were made with artists including Ed Kuepper, The Beasts of Bourbon and The Church. Some years later the studio moved to Annandale, taking over the legendary Trafalgar Studios and during this period recording Australian icons such as John Williamson, The Wiggles, Cold Chisel, Don Walker, Midnight Oil and Slim Dusty, and all the time building a unique collection of vintage equipment to add to the quality sound of the studio. Moving almost a decade later to Camperdown, Electric Avenue Studios was now a large facility, one of the very best and used by independent and label artists, both local and overseas. Major changes in the music industry ultimately demanded a more streamlined and economical approach to music production, resulting in Electric Avenue Studios today! The standards are still the highest, the equipment is still the best; outstanding assistance from Jem Hoppe; the rooms sound great, and Phil Punch still loves music, Hi-Fi, radio, recording (and wishes he had a model railroad).


Alongside Electric Avenue Studio at 102 Pyrmont Street, there is a great community of music makers.  Composer Nick Wales has his facility on the Ground level and Bob Scott of 'Dodgy Music' has an exceptional mix room on Level 3, overlooking our rooftop terrace which is great for the occasional gatherings.

Phil Punch

Phil Punch, Senior sound engineer and music producer with over 40 years experience in music recording and production. He is passionate about music and the history of music recording.

Jem Hoppe
IMG_6733 copy.png

Jem Hoppe has been the studio assistant engineer for over 2 years, and loves recording music. He trained at AIMS and enjoys a challenge.

Studio Photos by Photographer Tim Bauer with Philip & Paula Punch

In 2020 photographer Tim Bauer visited Electric Avenue these are some of the images that came from that day. The studio has a wonderful roof terrace area with a great outlook over the streets of Pyrmont. Philip's wife Paula Punch is a singer/songwriter who has just recently recorded at Electric Avenue after many years behind the scenes.

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